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Wailita, Inc. is pleased to introduce our new ‘Collaps-It Seat n’ Store’ line of low cost fold-away seat and storage solutions in a rainbow of fun patterns and colors. 

These padded colorful accent seats are actually storage boxes ideal for small toys, magazines and sewing accessories while supporting up to 200 pounds. 

IMG_4266When not in use, the Seat n’ Store fully collapses, stores flat and is easy to carry.  The Seat n’ Store comes in round and square shapes and can be custom ordered with different shapes, heights, and fabric covers. 

Wailita Inc. is the exclusive US representative for the Collaps-It Seat n’ Store, which is
‘patent pending’.

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Wailita, Inc. is pleased to introduce The Remembrance Candle™ collection, a unique combination of ancient Chinese tradition with modern technology.  For centuries, candles have been lit as a way of commemorating the ancestors or in celebration of holidays.  Now you can bring the beauty and charm of these exquisitely crafted pieces into your own home.  A variety of designs means that there is a Remembrance Candle for every occasion

Some designs are laser etched into the crystal column.  Other designs are handpainted into the hollow crystal column using ancient Chinese techniques.  A high-tech arrangement of LED lights shine through the crystal illuminating the designs in constantly changing colors.

Our patented ‘slow advancing candle’ features a spring loaded mechanism that raises the candle as it burns so that the flame is always visible.

The patented stationary candle with light designs are beautifully crafted from K9 crystal, and feature our ever- changing color base with high-intensity light.

Some designs are complemented by a short sample of music which is carefully matched to the theme of the candle. A deluxe model is available which includes the ability to record a personal message, up to three minutes long.

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