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Directions and Safety Instructions

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  • Important:  Safe candle dimensions for Slow Advancing Candle are specific.  Please use the correct candle to prevent injury.
  • Diameter: Minimum 1.5 inch Maximum 1.75 inch  Height 2 inch

Assembly Instructions

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Cleaning Instructions

  • The Candle Platform and Spring assembly may be removed for easy cleaning.  To replace, push down into the drip cup and twist until the spring snaps into place.  Be careful with the end of the spring when cleaning, it may be sharp.
  • If the spent candle is stuck in the Screw top, push gently with both thumbs to remove.  Avoid the wick holder. 
  • If the candle is stuck hard apply some hot water and wait 5 minutes.  Hot water can also be used to clean the drip cup and spring.  A replacement drip cup and spring unit is available if required after long use. 
  • To clean the crystal column use a standard household glass cleaner. 
  • The base can be cleaned with a moist sponge and a small amount of dish liquid.  Avoid getting the battery compartment wet.

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